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A Cheat Sheet to Use When Building a New Website

I bet being a dentist that dental website design is probably the furthest thing from your mind Monday to Friday. However, if you have got involved with websites and Internet marketing, you will probably have tripped over the world of dental design. BUT does it really matter?

You have probably had designers, brand Web Design Kerry experts, creative directors all telling you how important the design is to your dental office. What I want to ask is how important is it to your bottom line?

Flocking to the Sahara?

Think of it this way. You might have the expensively equipped dental office and the best looking website but if it was in the middle of the Sahara desert you wouldn’t get many patients coming – would you? It wouldn’t matter how pretty your website is or how well equipped your dental office was they still wouldn’t come.

If nobody knows who you are or where you are – it wouldn’t matter whether you were in the middle of New York or the Sahara you would still get the same results. No-one. Nothing. Zilch.

What the most important thing to your website and your business is making sure people know where it is and where you are. That has nothing to do with dental website design because they are not even there yet. It has EVERYTHING to do with marketing and how you get people to take notice of you.

How Far Should You Go?

Now I am not saying that design and consistency does not have any effect on your business. I’m just talking about priorities here. Having all of your communication looking and appearing the same can only do your dental office good. BUT I have found in the past that a large amount of time and money (your money) is taken up with these dental website agencies talking about design.

Why do you need a creative director telling whether blue or green is better for your ‘brand’ when all you are interested in, and should be interested in, is how many patients your website can get through your door and how you can develop more business from your existing patients?

What Really Matters?

One thing. Return on investment. Your profit. There is only one reason to spend money on marketing and advertising – which includes dental website design – and that is clear and measurable income that is greater than it cost to do in the first place. This isn’t about looking good, bad or ugly this is only about results.