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A ‘Tree of Life’ Tapestry Symbolizes Life That Flows in a Positive Direction

The tree of life has been represented, portrayed and symbolically revered in most thought provoking sectors of life. Its symbolism is drawn upon by religion, science, folklore and philosophy. Many have quoted a particular tree and it’s powers. While I can’t argue with any of them in terms of specific trees I am in awe in the significant role all trees play out in our lives.

I use to be a contractor in my Tree of Life previous life and it never ceased to amaze me how smallest root can bend the strongest metal and crack the hardest concrete.

Just take a moment to ponder all the weary travelers that have taken shelter, found comfort and have been nourished by trees.

I think for most the sight of a single tree or many thousands invoke a sense of beauty and well being. Take that one step further and ponder the feeling that one experiences when looking at a landscape devoid of trees.

Even the simplest of trees recalls the age-old philosophies. A tall and slender tree delves deep and true. A wide branched tree guides its roots to grow wide and strong. No matter the shape always reflecting natures call for balance and stability. Even in a tree’s catastrophic death such as fire a tree finds it way it setting balance by enriching the soil with it ashes giving way to the future saplings.

No matter the type of tree it is clear that all trees are a gift and to be revered for the comfort, shelter, strength, beauty, food and life they afford all of us.