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Air Duct Cleaning – 5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Air Ducts Clean

You’ve probably heard about the precautionary measures being taken by homeowners across the world because of the new found information regarding indoor air quality. In fact air quality is deemed to sometimes be worse indoors than outdoors.

When homeowners are faced with Air duct cleaning  concerns regarding their home’s air quality they’re going to do all that’s necessary to improve the conditions. Although cleaning air ducts has not become an absolutely necessary requirement for improved air quality, it may not be a bad idea. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency provides several situations when cleaning is quite valuable.

When to Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

According to the EPA there are three occasions that should prompt a homeowner to have the air ducts cleaned. If you feel you should hire an expert then you must also be sure that this professional is going to clean every part of the system. If one aspect is neglected it will further contaminate the rest of the system.

1. Mold-Somehow mold seems to deplete the condition of most items within a home. Mold plays a huge role when considering home repairs, whether you’re thinking about cleaning your carpet, basement, or air ducts. So mold should be removed if you detect it in any section of your heating and cooling system. The reason you should have a professional remove the mold and clean the area is because an expert knows how to remove mold and its sources. Anyone can wipe away mold, but an expert can wipe out the mold!

2. Vermin- If it’s inundated by vermin or insects then an expert should be hired to clean them out to remove the vermin or insects and all their debris.

3. Expelled Debris/Dust- The ducts are bound to have dust particles, but the ducts shouldn’t contain high enough volumes of dust and debris that it pours out of the ducts and into your home.

Three Cleaning Techniques

Once you hire an expert to clean your home’s air ducts, he/she may utilize multiple cleaning techniques in order to guarantee the cleanest results. Some professionals use air washing, air whips, and power brushing.

• Air Washing: With a compressor, hose, air nozzle, and collection system, your expert can remove the debris that is trapped in your home’s air duct. The compressor forces high-pressure air through the nozzle at high speeds designed to blow the debris into the collection system. You won’t have to worry about debris being blown around your home or yard, because everything will be collected.

• Air Whips: These are used to dislodge any debris that is tightly nuzzled within the air duct. Sometimes the air washing isn’t strong enough to wiggle out the debris, so the air whips are used to irritate the debris enough for it to loosen and be collected for removal.

• Power Brushing: This technique maximizes the loosening of air duct debris and is then followed by air washing to further ensure the perfect clean.

If you’ve decided that your air ducts are in need of a good cleaning then it’s time to find an expert near you. AdvantaClean is an experienced air duct cleaning expert in the North Carolina area. They offer air duct cleaning in North Carolina [] areas including Charlotte, Concord, Gastonia, Huntersville, Kannapolis, Matthews, Monroe, Salisbury, Statesville, and all surrounding areas. Contact AdvantaClean today for a free air duct cleaning estimate.

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