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Indoor doghouse: what is it for? Advantages and disadvantages

The indoor kennel is an enclosed space dedicated to the dog within the house. These kennels are nothing more or less than cages for your pet. Shunned and even pointed out by some dog owners, they are much appreciated by others because they are considered an educational tool. Should we be tempted by the indoor niche? How to best use it? Answers

Indoor dog house: what is it for? Advantages and disadvantages

What is an indoor dog house?

Niches are small shelters, most often in the shape of a house, which are placed in the garden. These niches have diversified over time and there are now indoor niches. They are sometimes called training cages. These devices come in different forms. As on the outside, the doghouse can take the form of a small house, a piece of furniture or even a cage. In the vast majority of cases, indoor niches can be closed.

How to choose the right indoor niche?

To choose the right indoor niche, several parameters must be taken into account. Among them are:

the type of niche: open or closed,

the size of the niche which must be adapted to the dog,

the material that will impact the cleaning,


Choosing the right indoor kennel for your dog is essential because if he doesn’t like it, he won’t use it. Even if they are less aesthetic, fully wire cages are the most recommended models but also the best suited to dogs. Thanks to them, your canine has an eye on everything that is happening in your home!

How to arrange your dog’s indoor kennel?

In order for your pet to appreciate its niche and use it, it must be furnished. This kennel should be large enough for your dog to turn around. There must be a very comfortable and sufficiently large cushion. It is also necessary to put toys and possibly a bone. On the other hand, it is not recommended to place bowls in the education cage. A dog’s sleeping area should not be confused with the dining area. The crate should be in a quiet space in your home.

The advantages of the dog crate furniture

Better manage a dog’s anxiety

A dog can be stressed and anxious. One of the sources of stress is separation. To help him, it is possible to use the indoor niche. This is a landmark for the dog, a space just for him where he finds comfort and peace. In his crate, your dog feels safe. He can wait until you return.

Getting your dog to safety

Young dogs can be destructive. If you have a puppy, it is possible, to ensure its safety during your absence, to put it in its indoor doghouse. Thus, it will be in a closed and comfortable space, and you do not worry!

learn to clean

Potty training can take time in young dogs. It is not uncommon to have unpleasant surprises when you come home from work. For better toilet training, it is possible to use the indoor niche. Indeed, when he is inside, the dog holds back. Why ? Simply because it’s his personal space and he doesn’t want to soil it.

Manage the dog’s energy

A dog may have difficulty regaining composure. The indoor doghouse is an educational tool that allows the dog to learn to regain his composure. Thanks to this equipment, the dog is channeled. Depending on the situation, but also on the people present, you will determine whether you should open or close the niche.

The disadvantages of the indoor doghouse

Delay buying an indoor dog house at Petguin

Interior niches are divisive and many are hesitant to take the plunge. However, as we have seen, the benefits are numerous. If you delay adopting the indoor doghouse, your dog will have more difficulty accepting it. Learning can even be long because it involves a major change in your companion’s daily life.

Lock up your dog

An indoor doghouse should not be used to isolate a dog. Moreover, it is not recommended to put the dog for more than 3 consecutive hours in its crate. Your dog may see the crate as a negative. It is the same if you scold him and lock him up. The use of the indoor niche should not be counterproductive.