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The Right Pearl Earrings for Your Occasions

Wearing pearl earrings is a great way to look like the upper class women in the Victorian era. These gems become the favorite jewelry of most women for their elegant look. They are able to capture and reflect light thus they match with any colors. Nowadays, the gems are available in various types such as oval or baroque pearls, round, black, white, pink or studs and drops. However, it doesn’t mean that you can wear any pearl earrings without matching them with the occasions. It is essential to choose the right pearls for the right occasions. Here I would like to share some types of occasions and the right pearl earrings you should wear:

Every Day Wear

The simple and elegant white pearl earring layering necklace studs are the favorite choice for everyday jewelry. Pearls are lightweight so that they give the maximum comfort for wearer. If you love relaxed style for daily activities, you had better choose ones that are not too large for your ears. You can wear earrings with 6-7 mm or 8-9 mm diameter pearl. If you wish a bolder look, you can try wearing larger button shaped earrings. Button pearl studs usually have size up to 9 mm and they are perfect for a more contemporary style. Commonly, people wear white pearl for their daily jewelry but if you want to present different appearance, you can wear the pink ones. Pink is great especially if you wear red or purple clothes.

Evening Out

For the evening out, you can consider South Sea pearls to match your little black dress. This is a perfect choice especially if you expect ice-white or golden silky shine. Generally, they have larger sizes with over 10mm diameter. This gem becomes so popular for it has unique characteristics that distinguish it from other pearls. South Sea pearl is adorable especially when it is matched with diamonds. Diamonds and pearls are perfect match since the sparkle of diamonds look great with the soft luster of pearls. For a contemporary evening style, you can wear Tahitian pearls. These gems have more exotic colors to increase the elegance of your dress.