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The Serenis Water Delivery System – Contemporary and Truly Innovative

Glass bottles are the most environmentally-friendly alternative for home or office water delivery. The best delivery companies offer their water exclusively in glass bottles. The main reason for doing that is because glass is significantly better for the environment than any other water container available. Why are glass bottles more eco-friendly? Because they offer the following:

1) Glass bottles are made from ماء نوفا natural, nontoxic raw materials such as silica, sand, soda ash, and limestone making them the most pure containers available. Unlike plastic, glass does not require the use of petroleum in its manufacturing process.

2) Glass is 100% recyclable.

3) Delivery companies heat sterilize their 5-gallon glass containers between uses which gives them a significantly longer life than their plastic counterparts which can only be sanitized before being taken out of circulation.

4) A single 5-gallon glass container is equivalent to 38 one-half liter (16.9 oz) plastic water bottles. Since the Container Recycling Institute (CRI) estimates that over 86.2% of all plastic water bottles NEVER make it to a recycling center, every delivered 5-gallon glass bottle represents about 32 plastic bottles that WON’T end up decomposing in a landfill. A typical family of 4 that has home water delivery service will avoid purchasing nearly 2000 plastic water bottles annually, which equates to over 1700 plastic bottles that will NOT be discarded or sent to a landfill. Plastic bottles take 450 to 1000 years to fully decompose in a landfill if they are sitting on the top exposed to air and sunlight. Those buried under tons of other garbage will likely NEVER decompose.

5) The use of glass for home or office water delivery services prevents the purchase (and ultimately the manufacture) of literally tons of plastic water bottles. CRI estimates the amount of natural resources (primarily polyethelene terephthalate – PET, which is derived from crude oil) used to produce plastic bottles for the American public in 2008 was 15 million barrels of oil, enough to fuel approximately 100,000 US cars for a full year.

All of these points make compelling evidence for more people to consider not only delivered water service, but glass bottled water delivery service to their homes and businesses