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What is an Executive Search Firm?

You’ll also find a host of advice from top headhunters in our blog on the executive job search. In addition, HR can’t be afraid to “push back on unreasonable expectations on either side,” Whitehouse said.

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They can assist clients in creating accurate and appealing job descriptions to attract a pool of competent candidates. Executive search firms usually combine experiences of their past hiring processes to learn more about a client and produce a tailored solution.

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The executive search process typically involves the search firm providing qualified talent, facilitating an interview, and negotiating salary expectations from both the client and the candidate. When a placement has been made, the executive search firm receives a fee from the company or organization for its services. Whether they get hired or not, candidates are not expected to pay any price for their involvement in the recruitment process. It is crucial to remember that executive search firms represent the organization or the company and not the talent.

Because Contingent Search is more commonly used for mid-level roles, there will often be a large number of active candidates. This means that recruiters can find candidates on job boards, online databases and via job advert applications. As you grow in your career, it’s important to grow your network with you. By the time they’re 45 or 50, most executives will benefit if they have positive relationships with two or three quality search consultants. While I encourage these relationships, I’m certainly not saying you should always be looking for a new job. Most executives, however, will benefit if they occasionally are in touch with the market for people like them. At senior levels, search consultants are the closest thing to that kind of market.

A lot of companies find recruiting on their own complex when looking for C-suite employees. One of the fundamental causes contributing to the difficulty in locating talent, particularly for leadership jobs is the ever-expanding skills gap. It’s also essential that you have a smooth relationship with your executive search consultant. Let them know beforehand how you like to operate and what you expect in this partnership. Whether they get hired or not, candidates are not expected to pay any fee for their involvement in the recruitment process. Present the finalist to the executive committee/larger Board and explain the process of how the Search Committee came to select the finalist, and provide a recommendation for hire. A good example of this would be a CFO search assignment for a startup Internet company.

The Benefits of Using an Executive Search Firm

During these calls meet as a committee and speak to prospective firms as a group. Doing so can create some biases and does not allow all members to build a bond with prospective firms. Also, save a few minutes between calls to talk briefly about each firm you speak with. Provide the hiring history and reporting structure for the position to your selected search consultant. Maintain accountability of the Search Committee members by enforcing timelines and milestones pertinent to the executive search. As an executive gets more senior, opportunities that might be considered attractive come along less and less frequently.

And you need a leader by your side if you’re going to undertake transformational change successfully. Some COOs are positioned as overall people leaders of the firm’s business services teams, with ultimate responsibility for team composition, hiring, firming and performance management. Today, changes in the legal market require modern COOs to be more outward facing — focused on improving the value the firm delivers to clients.

Doing so adds considerable error into the process and makes the likelihood of success significantly lower. The major distinction between executive search companies and executive job search firms is the recruiter’s client. For the former, the hiring company’s interests and needs is their impetus because that company is their client – not the executives. Firms acting on behalf of the candidate may be known as executive job search firms and do something entirely different. However, if you take the time to understand how the executive search industry actually works, you may question how much support these businesses can provide.