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Why Should You Take Search Engine Optimization Courses?

Search Engine Optimization courses can arm you with knowledge and practices required to establish a strong presence of your business among the competitors online. Success in SEO can bring boatloads of traffic and more sales to any business with a presence online. If executed properly, search engine optimization can be very cost-effective marketing mix among your arsenal of business strategies.

However, hiring an SEO consultant┬árobotics engineering sets can be costly. A good and qualified SEO professional can charge anywhere from $1,000 to several thousand a month, depending on your industry and market you are in. Such kind of cost can be prohibitive for most start-ups and small businesses. But fortunately, for those who would not mind spending a bit of time and educate themselves will find a viable alternative – taking suitable search engine optimization courses for themselves.

Interest in SEO courses have sparked and created numerous kinds of courses, from eBooks to video tutorials to a whole membership websites dedicated only to search engine optimization. This article will discuss about the benefits in taking search engine optimization courses and also explore the reasons of their rising popularity.

“How Important is SEO?”

Let’s face it. When was the last time you tried to search something on Web without using the good ol’ Google? Nay, you say? Then you know everybody rely on search engines to find something they want. It can be a product they want to purchase, about a movie or about a business issue. It could be anything. Point here is that 90% of internet users are using search engines to find what they are looking for. Statistics from companies such as Alexa and Quantcast back up the numbers. Another interesting phenomenon, according to Google itself, is that majority of people pay attention only to top five websites in first results page. The lesser ranking of yours go down, the lower traffic you will be receiving.

If a website is ranking in top #1 position, Google says that it can get about 40% to 50% traffic for a given keyword search volume. If you do the math, for a keyword getting 500 searches a day, a website ranking at top #1 for that keyword will be getting up to 250 visits a day. And this traffic is not paid, like PPC advertising. This is essentially free traffic.